Gre(y)t Water

Grey water garden pump

What does it do?

This kit collects grey water from your washing machine and automatically pumps it to water your garden.

Show me how!

How it works:

Washing machine

water drains out...

...and fills the tank.

Once the tank is full, the pump

automatically pumps out the greywater

The pipe carries the water to your garden

Your plants flourish and you save time

What do I get?

  • 1 x Automatic, submersible pump
  • 1 x L shaped pipe
  • 1 x pipe connector
  • 1 x nails etc
  • 1 x specs for hose pipe

Installation fee etc.


The type of drain they will need

This is a great way to be water wise and save time while you’re at it.

For Orders contact:

Richard Hunt
+27 (83) 744 6507

Gre(y)t Water